Charles Van Musscher: A Leader in listing Asian Companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Professional Profile of Charles Van Musscher by FSE Listings

Charles Van Musscher one of the leading professionals assisting international companies to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Charles Van Musscher, the German based associate of FSE Listings Inc, has been in the Listings business in Germany for 15 years and has extensive experience in trading Frankfurt, UK, U.S., and Canadian securities, international finance and corporate IR. Charles Van Musscher lead a team of brokers and agents as a partner of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange through Berliner Freiverkehr AG during the 1990’s up until 2000. Freiverkehr was one of the leading independent “Freimakler” or market makers in Germany and specialized in making markets for international equities in the free market. Freiverkehr listed over 2000 foreign equities on the Berlin and Frankfurt Stock Exchange. In 2000 Mr. Van Musscher opened his own consultancy, of which he has successfully listed several hundred companies from the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Vietnam, China, and several other countries.

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