Wind Power: Wind Power Financing with FSE Listings’ Robert Russell

Wind power is a complex business that requires complex financers, from financing terms for wind turbines to start-up capital to research the wind patterns and potential of the energy source from your location.

These types of projects require a strategy, the right structure, value propositions that are related to an advantage such as wind turbine technology, wind farm location, wind electricity grants and wind energy subsidies, as well as power purchase agreements for wind energy.

FSE Listings Inc specializes in working with alternative energy companies and financing firms on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Wind Energy Financing is a very popular topic in Germany, where by a Frankfurt listing and Frankfurt roadshow and stock exchange investor relations in Frankfurt would be necessary. Those looking for an FSE Listing require to contact FSE Listings Inc, to see if your project qualifies, whether it can be financed, and the best possible strategy for your firm to take in the long term.

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