FSE Listings: Launches the Fast Track Frankfurt Listings and Financing Packages For Philippines Companies

Fast Track Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings with FSE Listings Inc: Based on a 5 Week Deutsche Boerse Listing Cycle

FSE Listings - Frankfurt Stock Exchange ListingsFSE Listings Fast Frankfurt Listings

The FSE Listings Inc Fast Track Frankfurt Listing (60,000 euro)

Prelisting Stage:

–          Consultation with company listings specialist to prepare the documentation for listing and qualify your firm

–          Lay-out the timeframe for listing, structure, share issuances, and financing requirements to build the optimum structure

–          Convert current business plans and executive summaries into a Frankfurt Short Form IM or Expose as required for listing

–          Third Party Valuation if required by a BNP Paribas if required or a third party valuator recommended by FSE Listings at the cost of the company

–          Discuss capital invested and raised to date, valuation, structure, and shareholder related goals

–          Discuss the goal posts for listing, capital raising, and deliverables as a firm and business

–          Due to FSE Listings relationships with Deutsche Boerse Partner Companies and Sponsors, preliminary approval of the capital structure to be discussed based on information supplied by the company and or restructured based on feedback (A unique benefit of working with FSE Listings Inc)

–          Complete the financials, Director Certifications, Auditor Letter, and required supporting documents. (A Registered UK Auditor will be utilized who is registered with the FSA, Plus Markets, and AIM to verify the €500,000)

–          Structure the firm with the end goal, and ensure the capital equity is sufficient to meet the financing goals, market value, and shareholder/principal expectations

–          Company Incorporation, Set-up of Structure

–          ISIN

–          Consider pre-listing financing commitments

Listing Stage

–          File the issuer data form with all of the supporting documents created in phase 1

–          5-10 day period waiting for approval

–          Ensure CREST registry completed and or electronic trading readily available by the registrar

–          Build the registry for the transfer agent to insert into their records

–          Issue initial shares to be deposited into market ready accounts

–          Share Certificates issued and delivered to those not with market ready accounts (with restrictions were required). All certificates can also be sent to the company for delivery.

–          Manage the process for successful listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and timely engagement and execution of all key pieces to list within the 2-5 week timeframe

The completion of Phase 2 covers the Fast Track Listings process for the sum of 60,000 euro in total. The timeframe as discussed is 2-5 weeks.

*During that time, the company has elective options to engage a Lawyer or Team of our recommendation for the filing of an IM with the FSA or Prospectus with BAFIN. Documents of this nature can take 4-8 weeks to produce based on corporate preparedness. The timeframe to complete these documents are unrelated to the timeframe for listing. These documents have more to do with the after listing ability to raise capital from retail investors.

FSE Listings Inc Fast Track Listings and Financing Package (120,000 euro)

FSE Listings Inc has a variety of corporate partnerships under the public relations team of FSEIR.com, Deutsche Capital Partners A.G., Equity Story, and other leading market driven teams.

The Fast Track Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings and Frankfurt Financing Proposal include:

–          Roadshow within Frankfurt and Switzerland or other markets depending on relevance of listing

–          Execute Public Relations on web portals over 6 month commitment

–          (Optional) Execute Special Stock Option Financing

–          (Optional) Execute Equity Lines of Credit

–          Deposit of shares and capital with Market Maker for ongoing trading commitments and requirements to stay quoted

–          Ongoing web presence and reputation management (FSE Listings Inc owns its own network of portals that focus on financial markets with over 500,000 unique viewers per month which equate to several million hits. The network consists of over 400 website covering every major stock market in the world.)

The total cost including these services is 120,000 euro

Optional Support Role:

Often firms list and do not have all of the initial management capacity to efficiently handle listing obligations, compliance, and secretarial roles. FSE Listings Inc can continue to support the company on a retainer basis to:

–          Assist in Secretarial roles for share issuances, transfers, electronic dissemination, compliance, and Corporate Governance

–          Ensure changes within the corporate body are reflected within the company website and relayed to the market maker for continuing listing obligations for the Frankfurt Open Market

–          Set-up of custodian and trading accounts for requested shareholders and individuals

–          Share price and company value increase

–          Strategic Merger and Acquisition development

–          Management of relationship with the Market Market to ensure constant trading and capital in account to remain quoted

Why Use FSE Listings Inc to List on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange The FSE Listings Inc Group is the leading listing firm for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange listings and the recognized leader bar-none over any other firm for non-German Companies. With official representatives in Spain, UK, South Africa, Guatemala, Mexico, Canada, the USA, Netherlands, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Mozambique, and Ireland. Many firms have in-house law firms, which increase your cost of listing and hender your process, FSE Listings Inc utilizes the best and quickest law firms, listing partners, designated sponsors, and local service providers. By going with our firm, you get all of the best professionals as a one-stop service agreement.

  • FSE Listings offers no risk options as the first firm to offer escrow services to their clients so that no funds are released until listing and the listing is Guaranteed!
  • FSE Listings is the fastest listing agent! The shortest listing completed by FSE was 10 days! However we generally quote between 3-6 weeks. Within the last 30 companies listed within 2011, none of the listings took longer than 5 weeks!
  • FSE Listings has the longest track record in the world for listing foreign companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with our main Director was a listing partner of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and has been in the Listings business in Germany for 15 years and has extensive experience in trading Frankfurt, UK, U.S., and Canadian securities, international finance and corporate IR/PR campaigns. No other firm in the listing business has this many years experience.
  • FSE Listings Inc is well positioned within Germany as its GermanSpecialist lead a team of brokers and agents as a partner of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange through Berliner Freiverkehr AG. Freiverkehr which was one of the leading independent “Freimakler” or market makers in Germany and specialized in making markets for international equities in the free market. Freiverkehr listed over 2000 foreign equities on the Berlin and Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The lead in your listing and point of contact will be this Director!
  • FSE Listings Inc guarantees the success of your listing! Our fees are paid into an escrow account, and released upon the listing. FSE Listings Inc is the first firm ever to offer this on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Every listing is always successful, however we remove the risk! We remain with a perfect track record having never had a listing denied!
  • FSE Listings Inc has a team of knowledgeable staff and companies whom we work with who remain the top registrars, transfer agents, brokers, IR and Promotional experts on the German Stock Exchange. We help you avoid the mistakes many listings agents and companies make, combining over 60 years of experience in listing on our team.
  • FSE Listings Inc averages 2 listings per month, which equates to roughly 10% of the new Frankfurt stock exchange listings per month. Sometimes we list more, with no failures to date!
  • FSE Listings Inc partners for investor relations have handled 30 of the top 50 DAX listed firms, and specialize in full service investor relations and PR. In addition, FSE Listings offers extensive public relations and investor roadshow programs that extend over 6 months to 1 year. We can even train in-house staff and provide lead generation for retail investors.
  • FSE Listings Inc is bar-none the fastest listing partner or all other listing partners in the business. Do you want to put us to the test… our fastest listing was 10 days! No firm can show the incorporation documents and listing acceptance document to prove this type of timeframe. We are the undisputed champion of listing Frankfurt companies faster than anyone else!
  • FSE Listings Inc has no hidden costs, no percentages of the company asked for, the fee is the quoted amount with no additional costs or fees. Everything included! When we provide a listing fee quote and requirements, this includes incorporation costs, market maker (designated sponsor), registrar or transfer agent, investment banker, legal documentation, secretary up to the time of listing, etc.
  • FSE Listings Inc has one of the best reputations for listing due to the use of the top experts in listing who have been involved with listing more firms than any other team. Some have tried to copy our website content, but no one can copy our experience, speed to list, and consortium of market makers, designated sponsors, lawyers, registrars, Banks, and listing partners.
  • FSE Listings Inc is one of the highest searched and sought after service providers on the internet with over 500,000 individuals and firms per month reading the advice and articles written by the FSE Listings Inc team. As an expert in the field, many other providers come to FSE Listings when they need advice or assistance in finalizing their PR campaigns, getting quoted, clearing their shares, or changing corporate information… because we are the leader in the field.
  • FSE Listings Inc has accrued a qualified investor database of over 500,000 europeans as followers of new listings and as part of the European based newsletter.  Several members of the investor registry are shareholders in listed FSE firms. With a global newsletter reach of 2.1 million.
  • The Director of our FSE Listings partner firm for Public Relations has raised over 100 billion euro in IPOs and listings. Our seasoned group of roadshow professionals and funding partners is only deliverable to clients of FSE Listings Inc. List with our firm to access the specialists.
  • The reality is, that FSE Listings Inc is the only firm who knows how to list your firm and take advantage of the largest stock exchange opportunity in the world. We have helped our clients list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, build the market value of their firm, and dual list onto the London Stock Exchange and AIM as well. Our full service life of client services are endless.

Due to the fact we service the entire globe on listing processes for the Frankfurt stock exchange, including other service agents, we have one of the leading teams for answering your questions. We urge you to consider our firm, which is FSE Listings Inc before you consider ANY other firm. Your decision to list with us, is the right decision. Contact FSE Listings at info@fselistings.com to start now. Become listed in 3-6 weeks.

FSE Listings Inc guarantees the success of your listing! www.fselistings.com

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